4d Silk Fiber Eyelash Mascara Long Lasting Eye Makeup


O.Two.O 4d Silk Fiber Eyelash Mascara Long Lasting Eye Makeup Classic Black Natural


Product Specifications


24 Months



白云区, 广州市

Product Description


Brand Name: O.TWO.O

Waterproof: yes

Advantages: curl, thickness, elongation, moisturizing, fast / fast drying, natural

NET WT: 6ml

Size: same size

Quantity: 1PCS

Ingredients: Mascara

Country/Region: China


(1) Waterproof stretch mask – Add microfiber and light texture, such as mousse. It has dense molded bristles that can accommodate all hard-to-reach eyelashes with clear definitions, longer lengths and more severe curls, and fewer combinations.

(2) Lengthen and curl, curl, and make eyelashes significantly enhanced. Longer and thicker stripes, more intense definition, larger lashes.

(3) Half Moon Brush – The broken tradition is a special brush that will lift your eyelashes and create a glamorous eye makeup.

(4) No dyeing – no dyeing formula. Pasta does not spread or melt.

(5) Easy to remove – It is easier to remove residue using eye makeup remover first.



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