Sunscreen SPF30 PA+ Refreshing Oil-Free Formula


O.TWO.O Sunscreen SPF30 PA++++ Refreshing Oil-Free Formula UV Sun Protection For Face Brightening Sunblock 30ML


Product Specifications




All Skin Type, Combination Skin, Dry, Normal, Sensitive


3 Years


1pcs sunscreen



白云区, 广州市

Product Description

The sun is our ally when it comes to staying healthy.

Its role in bone calcification and its positive effects on our well-being make the sun an essential part of our lives. But it can also be our worst enemy just as much as our best friend. When it comes to the sun, it’s all about the right amount and, of course, protection!

Our skin is constantly bombarded with harmful aggressors. Build a protective shield around your skin and nourish it daily!

Find the right sun protection for you to enjoy the sun with peace of mind.

-95% of skin damage induced by blue light

-72% of pigmentation induced by blue light

Reinforces the level of protection of the skin against photo-ageing linked to blue light from the sun, thus offering a very high standard of protection against deep and visible skin damage.

Designed for sensitive skin

Very broad spectrum UVA-UVB protection

It has a filter sunscreen and high-density protection. Its refreshing, oil-free formula is non-sticky, providing both SPF 50 long-term protection and natural whitening and brightening effects. It blends perfectly with foundation, making it impervious to UV rays and giving you a natural bare makeup look.

How to use:

Apply an appropriate amount uniformly to the face and neck 15-20 minutes after basic skin care and before going out.


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