Authentic Instant Pain Reliever Hong Thai


Authentic Instant Pain Reliever Hong Thai Organic Herbal Inhalant


Hong Thai Inhaler Thailand Original Hong Thai Traditional Thai Herbal Inhalant / Inhaler made in Thailand Authentic Hong Thai Herbal Inhaler from Thailand Guaranteed HONG THAI HERBAL INHALER

­čĺ»Authentic from Thailand

Traditional Thai herbal inhalant ” extract the essence from 100% herb and no allergy” selected quality for the best efficiency, satisfaction guarantee properties: sniff for refreshing from various Thai herbs blood circulation, faint relief a fever and stuffy 15 types of dry herb and other essences

Authentic Herbs in Thailand.


Description :

Hong Thai Herbal Inhalant is a very popular product in Thailand. It’s 100% herbal ­čî┐ with no allergens. It helps increase blood circulation. Very strong smell. It’s superior quality.

Highly recommended for people with Sinus, Asthma, Migraine & Covid-19

Can be used as Room/Car Oder cleanser! Just leave it in open with circulating air.



Menthol 41.50%

Borneol 6.40%

Eucalyptus oil 8.5%

Camphor 16.60%


Use for relief from:

1. Relieve a stuffy nose and breathing out.

2. Relieve Dizziness.

3. Headache

4. Faint Relief

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