Hot Comfy Self-Heating Body Warmer


Hot Comfy Self-Heating Body Warmer – Menstrual Cramp Heat Pad


Product Info:

Product name: Self-heating patch

Applicable people: everyone

Product Instruction:

🎈Provides warmth for the human body, hands and feet in winter, and can be attached to the back, abdomen, shoulders or any place that needs warmth.

🎈 Promote the good work of energy channel. When used at relevant acupoints, it can cure stomach cold and help regulate irregular menstruation.

🎈It can relieve arthritis, scapulohumeral periarthritis, low back and leg pain, rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, cool limbs, and all kinds of pain caused by cold.

🎈 Ex haust pathogenic cold, keep warm and promote microcirculation of the body. It has a good effect on cold injury, bone injury and muscle injury. It can relieve pain and swelling.

🎈 When you want to wear thin clothes to show your slender body in cold weather, it can keep you warm

🎈It is very convenient and safe to use, and is the best choice to resist the cold.

✨How to Use:

1.Open the package and take out the internal products.

2.Remove the protective paper and place it on the underwear that needs to be heated.

3.Stick to the shoulders, back, waist, abdomen and related joints of the human body.

4.After use, remove it from the underwear and throw it into the trash can.

⚡Package Includes:

1* Self-heating patch


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